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. >>> an economic life preserver for a city would be a financial disaster for many people who gave much of their lives to that city. correspondent mike tobin reports tonight on the granting of bankruptcy protection for detroit. >> reporter: the rule, is unwelcome to detroit city employees as their pension now hangs in the balance as detroit digs itself out from $18 billion in debt. >> this is a moral issue that we're dealing with. it is wrong for you to take somebody's pension that have given their lives, that have sacrificed 30 years. >> reporter: the trouble began with the exodus that followed automotive jobs. with the smaller tax base, city leaders did not reduce the budget. under pressure from labor unions, they never reduced things like health benefits or bonuses. when the budget was in the red the borrowed. judge steven rhodes wondered out loud why this hadn't happened sooner as he made the historic ruling that detroit is eligible for chapter 9 bankruptcy. now pension, for more than 23,000 firefighters, police and other municipal employees are facing the potential of dramatic redu
it was stolen, in the small town near mexico city you see on the map. today the committee of nuclear safeguards released these photos. this one shows the white container housing the dangerous chemical. this shows the steel placed over the container to shield it. experts say if this cobalt 60 gets into the wrong hands, there could be catastrophic consequences, intentional or unintentional. >> the international atomic energy agency characterizes materials from -- on a scale of 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. in terms of how dangerous it is to human health. if it ends up going out of normal channels. and this is at the top end of the danger to human health. >> the u.s. department of homeland security released this statement to fox news today. it says, quote, all ports of entry are equipped with radiation detection equipment. dhs, in coordination with our federal partner, will continue to closely monitor this situation and remains in close communication with mexican officials. now, officials at the international atomic energy agency, which is the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog group, are also involved in this inves
of the sin city version is suing the usps for copyright infringement. more than 5 million copies of the forever stamp were printed. >>> finally, note to costco, nonfiction does not neep not true. last month, the shopping giant was in hot water for labeling bibles as fiction, which costco blamed on its distributor. according to "the los angeles times," ron burgundy's memoir was labeled as nonfiction. will farrell did host a news show in character in north dakota recently. a note, we invited him to sit on the panel for a segment. but so far scheduling has not worked out. >>> the federal trade commission's mission statement says it exists to prevent anti-competitive practices that hurt consumers. the ftc were created to bust the trust. we show you how one wrong note by a group of music teachers earned the agency's wrath. ♪ >> reporter: catherine stuart may look like a violin teacher to her, but according to the ftc, she is a threat to america's consumers. >> outrageous as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: last march, the ftc sent notice that the association was under notice for a
, it was a reminder of what oscar goodman said after the president had more than once disparaged his city and tried to take it back. mr. obama, goodman said, is a very slow learner. the inefficiency and sluggishness of the federal bureaucracy is known to every politician and citizen who has had experience with it. but the president seems to have glided through his brief term in the senate in his four plus years in the white house without noticing until now. supremely self-confident intelligent people who lack experience often learn lessons the hard way because they don't know enough to know how much they don't know. rahm emanuel, chief of staff during obama care, urged the president not to try to overhaul all at once. but the president liked ezekiel, and now defending broken promises on television and saying now it needs a good p.r. campaign. and so we ride along with mr. obama on his learning curve. it has been a slow and bumpy ride. bret? >> domestically the administration has its hands full with obama care. on the foreign policy front, there is a potential bump in the road with iran sanctions in
city sunday morning was traveling 82 miles an hour as it approached a 30 miles per hour zone. four people were killed and dozens injured. the commuter train jumped the tracks while rounding a riverside curve. the ntsb says it is not aware of any problem with the train's brakes. >>> as we noted earlier, today is cyber monday. the digital version of black friday. the national retail federation says there were a record number of shoppers in stores and on computers thursday through sunday, but that did not translate to record sales. stocks were down today. the dow lost 78. the s&p 500 was off 5, the nasdaq dropped 15. >>> the u.s. supreme court has a message for the white house in the case of a family who came here from germany over the issue of home schooling. correspondent shannon breem has an update for us tonight. get us up to date on this case involving this family and now the case is being considered by the supreme court. >> it is. they're devout christians that were very worried about what they were seeing their children were getting in germany. it was in direct conflict with th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5